How I made $12,000 in a year from Passive Income

easy passive income with no work

People say that Money can’t buy you everything, but it sure as hell can buy you your freedom!

I didn’t need much time to figure out that, the only way to be truly free is to have Financial Freedom, which in my opinion can be achieved by either having multiple Passive Income streams, or by spending a few years busting your a** off and earn a few millions. But even then if you have your few millions you would still have to invest them into something that will bring you Passive Income while you are alive, well that’s not what we are going to talk about here, yet.

Currently I am earning over $1,000 a month by making niche sites(keep reading, no coding or tech skills are needed!), getting free traffic and earning money from advertising on these websites (this blog is NOT one of them!). I’ve been doing this for the past 14 months, and I could have even started 6 months earlier, but procrastination is a party killer.

There was a guy in my town (I used to live in a small town and I go back there occasionally) who earned a lot of money doing this and he was bragging here and there, and it wasn’t long before people started asking what is he actually doing and how is he doing it, and they started asking me (yeah, well, I am one of the tech guys in the town, so they have no one else to ask). At the time I didn’t know exactly what he was doing or how he was doing it, but it did catch my attention, so I started researching. Eventually I found out his websites, reverse engineered them and started doing what he is doing.

Surprise, surprise, a month later I started making $100 a month, 3 months later I was making $500 a month, 6 months later – $1,000 a month and I am holding that figure for about a year now.

Now, you may ask why I haven’t increased my income by doing more of that, well since it’s passive and I am not required to do anything  to get these money, I tried to work, I got a job, then I quit it, then I tried another job and I quit it aswell, I was simply looking for my calling. Well, I don’t know if I have found it, but I have found that I want to be free and be my own boss = More Passive Income!


So currently I have 10 of these websites working for me, while I watch all my favourite TV Series, I love watching TV Series, and I am preparing to launch 25 more within the next month.

Now, most of you by now are wondering, exactly what I am doing and you want to do it aswell – who doesn’t want some nice side Passive Income? I am not saying you all should quit your jobs, I am just saying that an extra $500-1000 a month doesn’t hurt at all! So I have created a course, where I am explaining all that in detail.

Now, before you continue reading, I want to warn you, while it is true that I am not doing anything at the moment to get that Passive Income, I did spend a lot of time researching, finding good enough keywords that may work, setuping my websites, experimenting with the ads to get highest amount of clicks and more. So, I want to warn you, if you are not willing to put in the time, don’t bother! If you want results, you have to commit!

So, making this amount of Passive Income has put me on a path to Financial Freedom. I no longer have to work for other people and do what other people tell me to do. I am my own master!

Now after quitting my job, I am here to give you all this information, because I know that you feel just like me – simply wanting to be free!

Free from financial dependence, free from the 9 to 5 job and simply free to do anything you want, at any time you want!

Currently I can do anything I want! If I want I can just drop everything that I am doing and go on a vacation, because… I have the time and I have the money! I am not dependent on anyone or anything…

If you are just like me and you want to head down the path to freedom, then you have come to the right place. People say that Money can’t buy you everything, but it sure as hell can buy you your freedom! And I am here to teach you how to start walking on that path!

You will learn exactly:

  • What Theme and what settings I am using on my WordPress site in order to get the crazy high Click Through Rates that I have (the average for most other Passive Sites like mine are twice as low!)
  • What kind of Ads I am using and how to easily place them in your website with just a few clicks!
  • How to use Google AdSense and Google Analytics to earn money and analyze your website (what is earning you the most money, which page brings you the most traffic etc.)
  • One crazy simple trick that will increase your traffic by 10-20%
  • How I used Tumblr to get 1000’s of followers and HUNDREDS of Backlinks to boost my websites quickly in Google Rankings

Oh, and did I mention that I will also reveal details of my current website which is live and earning money? The one that generated $7,000 so far?

What are you waiting for, don’t you want to be FREE?

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