Here is how to handle bad reviews (Udemy case study)

my udemy course has bad review

Bad reviews – handle them like a pro!

So, this happens to everyone, it doesn’t matter if your course (product) is on Udemy or somewhere else, there will come a time when you will receive a negative review/feedback and I will show you one of the ways to handle this. I am sending a private message to all my students on Udemy who leave less than 5 star rating and, you should know, most of them would not bother to answer back, but a few will and that is more than enough.

The private message that I send them is very simple and positive:

Hey NAME! You recently rated my course as X out of 5. I am really grateful for the high rating that you gave me! However, I am interested to know, what did you miss in the course? What should I have included in the course for you to give a full 5? I am just asking because I am curios to know what my students think and I want to improve myself for future courses! Thanks!

Best Regards,

Tod Vachev

This simple message, often yields a good feedback, and if you actually listen and do what students are telling you, they will like you and recommend you. Hell I’ve even had students changing a 3 star review into a 5 star one, simply because I asked them this, simply because I got personal with them and I wanted to know what is on their mind, what do they really want and expect out of my course.

Apply it and share your results, let me know how it worked for you.

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