Reduce your videos sizes 10 times without quality loss

How to compress files for uploading in udemy and youtube without loss in quality

Keep your high quality video and reduce the files size

There’s a handy software called Handbrake that lets you do this extremely easy, and in this guide I will teach you how you can install it and use it.

First you have to go to and download the software (just click on the big red button). After you download it, simply follow the steps to install the software, it’s pretty straight forward, nothing too complicating about it, at the time of writing this post, the installation of Handbrake does not include any other frustrating programs that will be installed on your computer along with Handbrake, so there’s nothing to worry about (at this point, at least).


Allright, now that you have the software installed, just open it and we are going to create a new Preset Profile. Before we do that, if you don’t know what that is, a Preset Profile, allows you to save the settings that you want to apply on the videos when you process them with Handbrake, so that you can easily apply them everytime, with just one single click.

What you have to do now is:

  • Click on Add (Step 1)
  • Give a name to your preset (Step 2)
  • Click on Add (Step 3)



Apply all the settings as shown in the screenshot bellow:


The cropping is a very important one! If you don’t set it to custom and 0’s on all sides, Handbrake will automatically adjust them as it sees fit, and your videos will get

cropped from at least one side, so make sure to apply those settings!

The next section that you want to edit is the Video tab, apply the settings as shown in the screenshot bellow:


I have found these settings to be the best, they allowed me to reduce the size of my videos at least 10 times (500 MB down to 50 MB) with no visible loss in quality. If you want to save even more space, you can do that by moving the two sliders for Quality and Optimise Video, as well as changing the Framerate (lowering it).

And DON’T forget to click on Options->Update Selected Preset, because if you don’t Handbrake will NOT save these settings, and the next time you use it, you will be back to the default settings and you will just waste your time compressing videos that won’t actually get compressed and they will most likely get cropped.

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