$100 in your first month at Udemy with no paid ads

how to start making money on udemy for beginners

Making your first $100 at Udemy

Making your first $100 with your online course is an event that will really excite you and motivate you to keep going. A lot of new instructors are having a lot of problems doing just that, and I am here to show you exactly what I did, to get my first 100 bucks out of Udemy.

It’s very simple, all you have to do is, create a free course. And now you should be wondering “How the hell will a free course help me do that?”, again, simple – just like in paid courses, you can have a Bonus lecture in your free course. The bonus lecture, is a lecture that can be used for marketing, that means, you can put a sales copy in your bonus lecture and try to sell your paid course/s with it (of course, don’t forget to put a coupon there with some discount!). That’s it, that’s all I did.

My full course has 25 lectures, and I simply took the first 15 lectures and made a separate free course out of them, published it, added the bonus lecture, and people started buying from time to time. Now, I probably could have made more than that, the reason being, during my first few weeks, I had coupons that were pricing my course at only $8 (that was before the pricing changes from 4th April 2016), then I decided to rise up the prices to $15, and I was still making sales from time to time, so my first 100 bucks, could have actually been 150.

Regardless, this is a strategy that works for new instructors, don’t hesitate to try it out!

If the students in your free course like you and your content, they will probably move on to the paid course!

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