Get more course views at Udemy by applying this simple trick…


There’s a simple neat trick that will boost your course exposure

Well, there are two things that you can do, that will supposedly increase the visitors on your course page. It’s very simple:

  1. Add Closed Captions (subtitles)
  2. Add Quizzes

So, why would this help you? Well it’s very simple, when students are browsing for courses, they can filter the courses by Closed Captions or Quizzes. And if your course has either or both of these, you will be right to the top when someone applies such filter.

Closed Captions – Add subtitles to all your videos

For the niche of one of my courses, there are 5 pages with courses and not a SINGLE one of them has CC. Guess who’s course is on top when students filter them by CC? You guessed right.

The subtitles that I used are in the same language as my course. My course is in English and my subtitles are in English, you may ask what’s the point of that? Well for starters, English may not be your mother language and you may not be pronouncing some words correctly, so some students may have trouble understanding you, this is where subtitles help. Sometimes when I watch movies, I watch them with English subtitles, for the exact same reason, this helps me go through the movie if there are actors with accents. The second reason is the opposite, the students may not be fluent enough in English to understand you easily, so they may need help, and that help comes from your subtitles, I’ve had several students asking me to create subtitles for my course for this reason.

Creating the subtitles is a very boring and time-consuming process, you can either create them on your own, or outsource them. I did the latter, I hired a freelancer and he created the subtitles for my course in a few days and it costed me only $15. Now, needless to say, the quality was awful, I had to go through all my videos again to fix all his mistakes, but his timings were correct, and I consider that to be the harder part. So, little to no money paid with a little extra effort on my behalf and my subtitles were up and running in a week.

Quizzes – sweat your students!

Quizzes are fun! They are much easier to be created, unlike the subtitles. Just add a quizz at the end of each section in your course and ask the students the questions that they must be able to answer for the particular topic that you are teaching them. If your course is about internal combustion engines, ask them what should be the ratio between air and fuel in the combustion chamber for example? It’s fun to create quizzes and to take ones, students would love that!

Tip: As soon as you have your first subtitles file or quizz, PUBLISH IT, your course will be immediately labeled as a course that has Closed Captions and/or Quizzes, even if it’s only a single video in the course that has them.

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