Here is how to do batch rendering in camtasia

Batch Rendering in Camtasia for Udemy Videos

Batch Rendering in Camtasia saves time!

I am guessing that most of you are using Camtasia to record/edit/render your videos before you publish them, so am I. But usually I am going on a streak and I am recording 5-10-20 videos at a time and the process of editing and rendering all of these videos usually is boring and time consuming. What I like to do, is to create a separate project for each of my videos (please, don’t do the same mistakes I did, name your projects correctly, don’t leave them all at “Untitled” ūüôā ), edit all of them one by one (without rendering them), my editing usually consists of just cutting out the parts that shouldn’t go live and when you are done with the editing just save the project. It would be very good if you name your projects correctly because when you do the batch rendering, Camtasia will take the names of your projects and use them as names for the files that will be produced.

So, how do you actually do the batch rendering, it’s very simple, I am not even going to add screenshots, because the process takes just a few clicks and its very straightforward.

On your main menu (top left), select Tools->Sharing->Batch Production¬†a new window will open up and it will ask you to add your project files, just click on the¬†add button and do it. When you are done with adding your files, click Next, that will take you the next step where you select the settings that you want to be applied when the files are processed, it’s just the same as when you do it normally for a single file, click¬†Next¬†again and this is the last thing that you have to do, select the¬†Output folder¬†for your produced files.

That’s all you have to do! And you just saved yourself a big amount of time, you can just leave your computer to render all your videos while you are out or while you are sleeping.

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