Why you should not waste your time watching webinars


Watching webinars is cool, until you realize what they actually are

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have attended webinars that I liked and that I learned something from them, but nowadays, it just seems that all webinars are made with the single purpose to sell you something. They are being advertised as “secret revealing”, “things unseen before” and so on, but when you get on that webinar, you find yourself listening to the most basic of the basic stuff in the specific topic, that you can read about in the first blog that you find, explained in 30 minutes, repeating the same thing over and over again, just with different words, and then you find yourself in the so called “Pitch”.

The Pitch

The Pitch is the part of the webinar where they try to sell you their product, and this can go on for as long as the “secrets giveaway” part, or even longer. I once attended a webinar where The Pitch lasted for 2 hours and the guys were just showing over and over and over again, screenshots of their incomes and promising that they will give out the secrets in just a moment. Guess what? The secrets were inside a $2,000 product.

Now, don’t get me wrong (again), these are usually people that make a lot of money promoting their products that way, their products are probably good for beginners aswell (whatever the niche is), all I am saying is that, instead of wasting 1.5-3h on a webinar, that won’t teach you something useful (or something that you can learn in 5x less time reading), you could spend that time reading blog posts on authority blogs for the niche that you are interested in. Believe me when I tell you, spending that time on authority blogs, will be 10 times more productive for you and you will get 10 times more information, for free.

Don’t waste your time! Time is our most valuable resource!

You can’t buy yourself more time, you can never get back the time that you lost, be smart about how you manage your own time!

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