How I got my Udemy course reviewed in less than an hour

Udemy Fast Review Process

Reviews usually take days, but if you do this, it will take less than an hour

Well, allright, this is actually something very simple and you have probably overlooked it. I know that I did, at least for my first course.

When you start creating your course, there is a “Test Video” section in your Course Dashboard, when you go there, you can upload a test video and someone from the Udemy team will review it and give you constructive feedback on what you should improve in your Audio/Video quality.

This is priority #1 when you start working on a new course, get your test video approved while you are working on your content. The test video doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to have any specific information or a topic of what you are going to teach. In one of my videos I was saying:

Allright, so this is a short test video with the only purpose to test if my Audio/Video quality can get approved. Please provide me with feedback

Or something along these lines, it was a less than a minute video. Once you get a “GO” on your test video, you are pretty much over the review process in general. The last course that I published got reviewed in 30 minutes and if I had an Image ready in place, it would have been published immediately.

So, don’t overlook the Test Video, it will really save you a lot of trouble!

When I was creating my first course, I had recorded and edited all my lectures before I submitted a test video and guess what happened – my audio quality was not approved! Lucky for me, I was able to get the quality to a good-enough level by editing it with Audacity, but that was a good lesson! Imagine what could have happened if I wasn’t able to fix the Audio with Audacity (a totally viable scenario), a month of work would have gone to waste.

Do not make the same mistake that I almost did.

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